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Tender Anulment Notice


Publication date : 15 September 2020
Country : Zimbabwe
Executing Agency : City of Bulawayo
Name of Project : Bulawayo Water and Sewerage Services Improvement Project [BWSSIP]
Grant Number : 5900155009402
Name of Tender :Tariff and Affordability study, Institutional Option Analysis and Ring Fencing in Bulawayo
Borrower’s Tender Number :BWSSIP/C04
Lot Number & Name (If different from Tender) :N/A
Procurement mode : QCBS
Domestic preference (Yes or No) : No
Regional preference(Yes or No) : No
Date of receipt by the Bank of the draft Tender (RFP) document : 14 December 2019
Date of approval by the Bank of the Tender (RFP) Document : 10th February 2020
First proposed Tender issuing date : 17th February 2020
Closing date : 18th March 2020
Date of Tender opening : 18th March 2020

Reason for annulment: Annulment of this tender process has been done pursuant to non-availability of funds following the impact of COVID-19 on the Project’s overall budget.

N.B.:Any bidder who wishes to ascertain the grounds on which its proposal was not selected, should request an explanation from the Executing Agency.

Further action: No further action is required on the part of bidders who had submitted their Technical and Financial Proposals. Financial Proposals received from these firms will be returned to them unopened.

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