Bulawayo City Council

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Crest & Its Origin


Granted by Letters Patent dated 19th October 1943.

Blazon and Descriptive Notes


Party per chevron gules and argent three rock-rabbits courant (imbila) in chief or, and in the base a cross-crosslet fitche of the first.


An African elephant with trunk elevated proper.


Si Ye Pambili (Let us go forward, or, we go forward).


The shield is divided in two by a chevron. In the upper half on a background of red (to signify bloodshed) are three rock rabbits in gold. The rock rabbits or imbila is the totem (isibongo) of the Khumalo, the royal family in the Matabele. The imbila symbolises the Matabele nation. In the lower half a cross-crosslet is a Christian emblem specially selected and used in the arms to symbolise European impact on the Matabele by the missionaries, the first settlers. The rock rabbits and the cross-crosslet conjure up the historical background.

The crest

Stylises the elephant for heraldic purposes; the elephant being the emblem used by Lobengula, the last King of the Matabele, in his royal seal, perpetuating his native title "Ndlovu" the elephant.

The Motto

In Sindebele, Si Ye Pambili, means "we go forward" or "let us go forward".

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