Traffic Laws

Bulawayo (Municipal Roads and Traffic Laws)(Offences and Fixed Penalties) (Amendment) Regulations, 2003 (No. 1)

It is hereby notified that the Minister Of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing, after consultation with the Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs and the City Council of Bulawayo, has, in terms of Section 12 as read with section 9 of the Municipal Traffic Laws Enforcement Act [Chapter 29:10], made the following regulations:-

1. These regulations may be cited as the Bulawayo (Municipal Roads and Traffic Laws) (Offences and Fixed Penalties) (Amendment) Regulations, 2003 (No. 1).

2. The First Schedule to the Bulawayo (Municipal Roads and Traffic Laws) (Offences and Fixed Penalties) Regulations, 2000, published in the Statutory Instrument 149 of 2000, is repealed and the following is substituted:--


Offences And Fixed Penalties: Bulawayo (Roads And Traffic) ByLaws, 2000

Item Section of Bulawayo (Roads and Traffic) By-Laws Description of offence
1. 7(1) Allow any motor vehicle or vehicle to stop or remain stationary on any road to cause obstruction.
2. 7(2) Load or unload vehicle or motor vehicle from the carriage way in such a manner as to interfere with or obstruct the movement of traffic.
3. 8(2) Use any road, service lane, parking bay or sidewalk for the display, sale, storage or disposal by abandonment of any vehicle or motor vehicle.
4. 8(6) Congregate with others so as to cause an obstruction in public place, road, pavement, footway and sidewalk
5. 10(1) Drive wrong way in service lane.
6. 10(2) Exceed 20 km/hour in any service lane.
7. 10(3) Fail to stop motor vehicle on leaving service lane, prior to entering a road
8. 11(3) Unload commercial vehicle or commercial motor-vehicle within 50 metres of a loading zone.
9. 11(6) Stop or park motor vehicle in a loading zone.
10. 13(1) temRepair, oil or grease or cause to be repaired, oiled and greased any motor vehicle in any road or municipal car park so as to cause an obstruction, dirt, nuisance or inconvenience.po
11. 13(2) Wash, clean, repair or cause to be washed, cleaned or repaired any motor vehicle on any parking bay or municipal car park so as to cause dirt, nuisance on inconvenience.
12. 14(1) Stop omnibus except at designated place.
13. 14(2)(a) Enter or leave bus other than at a bus stop.
14. 14(2)(b) Enter or leave bus while such bus is in motion.
15. 14(2)(c) Operate commuter omnibus vehicle in any parking place designated for the use of commuter omnibuses.
16. 18(a) Park any vehicle other than a motor-vehicle in any parking place designated by white boundary lines.
17. 18(b) Park motor vehicle, other than motor omnibuses, taxi-cabs and motor cycle having less than three wheels other than in parking-place designated for that class of vehicle.
18. 19(a) Park any motor vehicle or vehicle in front of any garage or driveway to cause obstruction.
19. 19(a) Park any vehicle which does not display a valid license disc.
20. 19(b) Park motor vehicle or vehicle in front of any building in course of erection where a “NO PARKING” sign is displayed.
21. 19(c) Park motor-vehicle or vehicle within seven and half (7.5) metres of a corner
22. 19(d) Park cycle within four (4) metres of a corner.
23. 19(e) Park motor vehicle in a “NO PARKING” place.
24. 19(f) Park upon service lane.
25. 19(g) Park/drive upon a pavement.
26. 19(h) Parking of motor vehicle or vehicle upon any parking place or any land or premises under the control of the council which has been set aside for the use of specific persons at specific times.
27. 20(1)(a) Park other than extreme left of the road (where parking area is not defined) so as to cause obstruction
28. 21(1) Park motor vehicle other than in a parking place.
29. 21(2) Reverse out of single banked centre parking area.
30. 21(5) Drive through centre parking area without stopping.
31. 22 Parking motor-vehicle over lines of parking bay:
Causing nuisance.
Causing danger (by day).
Causing danger (by night).
32. 23(1)(a) Park motor vehicle in a parking place designated for taxi-cabs, buses, motor cycles or pedal cycles.
33. 23(2) Park taxi cab, motor omnibus other than in prescribed parking place.
34. 23(2) Park motor vehicle or hand cart other than in prescribed parking place.
35. 23(2) Park pedal cycle other than in prescribed parking area.
36. 24(1) Park a motor vehicle upon a parking place for a period longer than may be indicated by any sign erected by the council upon such parking.
37. 25 Park any vehicle other than motor vehicle, in a metered parking bay.
38. 27(1) Park any motor-auto vehicle in any metered bay when the allocated time has expired.
39. 27(4) Display a pre-paid parking certificate issued to a different vehicle.
40. 27(4) Alter or deface a pre-paid parking certificate.
41. 27(4) Failure to display a pre-paid parking disc.
42. 30(2)(a) Damage or misuse or temper with any parking meter.
43. 30(2) Deposit or cause or permit to be deposited in any parking meter anything other than a coin of the prescribed denomination.
44. 32(a) Allow unattended vehicle to remain at a bus stop.
45. 35(1) Park in a municipal car park except upon a parking bay.
46. 42(3) Driver of a taxi-cab prevent or seek to prevent any person from engaging any taxi-cab.
47. 44(a) Taxi plying for hire other than from prescribed parking place.
48. 45(2) Failure to display tariff of fares.
49. 45(3) Advertise or display on any taxi-cab tariff of fares higher than fare prescribed
50. 45(4) Charge or demand from passenger or hirer any fare higher than fare prescribed.
51. 56(1) Drive any taxi-cab without council license.
52. 56(3) Owner or driver of taxi-cab allows person not licensed in terms of by-laws to drive taxi-cab.
53. 57(a) and (b) Failure to display a taxi driver’s badge.
54. 64(1) Failure to carry taxi license.
55. 67(3)(d) Failure to display an invalid carriage certificate.
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