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Bulawayo Home Industries

It is a training centre for girls and women. Participants are trained in handwork skills that include ilala, batik basketry, knitting and weaving.

When Bulawayo Home Industries was established it was aimed at assisting the less privileged people, the unemployed and young people who were unable to continue with their education.

The adaptation of traditional skills to make articles which are of use in the modern world and the use of indigenous materials is encouraged. Participants experiment with colour, design, ideas and techniques.


Weaving Section

Use of handlooms with wool, cotton yarn, sisal, ilala, imizi (reeds) and other indigenous fibres are used for table mats, walls hangings, lampshades, bags, shawls, floor rugs (Mohair) jerseys, runners etc.

Batik and Tie's Dye Wall Hangings

Ilala Palm

The leaves are particularly light and strong and provide the raw material for making hard wearing and decorative baskets, bags, mats, hats, hats etc.

Boutique and Deco

A variety of articles are produced using different materials and methods. Bread baskets at different design, waste paper baskets, decorative toys and wine carrier are made from different fibres including the banana tree fibre Hardenga and cross stitch embroidery is used for table linen products including teacosys.

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