Bulawayo City Council


Halls and Stadia

This section offers Halls for weddings, church services meetings disco/ modelling bookings, and hall stadiums for sporting activities .

Halls, committee rooms and open air theatres bookings are done first come first serve basis and are confirmed by payment.

Halls, committee rooms and open air theatres are hired for functions like church services, political meetings, disco shows, private cinema shows etc. Our halls have a seating capacity ranging from 300 to 700 people.

Council charges nominal fees for functions like church services. Functions such as disco shows attract a deposit against damages charges.

The deposit for damages is refunded if there are no damages in the booked hall. Some conditions of hire in cases of cancellations incur a penalty of 40% of the booking fee as an administrative charge.

Hire charge or deposit shall be refunded only if three days notice of cancellation is given.

Large and Small City Halls

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Barbourfields, Luveve and White City stadiums are available for soccer and 20% ground rental is collected in every match. They are also available for functions like church services and musical shows. Hire charges for musical shows is also based on 20% of gate takings and there is a refundable deposit against damages which is paid.

Capacity for Stadia

  • Luveve Stadium - has a maximum capacity of 15 000
  • White City Stadium - has a maximum capacity of 15 000
  • Barbourfields Stadium - has a maximum seating capacity of 34 000
  • Tshabalala Open Air- 500

Open Air Theatres Capacity

  • White City Open Air - 30 000
  • Stanley Square for fixed seats - 1 000
  • Stanley Square for other functions - up to 7 000

Booking offices are situated at Nguboyenja Offices along Luveve Road opposite Mzilikazi Service Station. The telephone number is 09-66731.

  • Call Centre Contacts:
  • (09) 71290 - All Networks
  • callcentre@citybyo.co.zw
  • Fire and Ambulance:
  • 993, 994 , (09) 71717
  • 08080081 - Econ toll free