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Financial Services

1. What requirements should attachees fulfill during the attachment period?

Students should complete their attachment period and submit a copy of their project to the Financial Director.

2. What are the obligations of a student during the tenure of their attachment period?

The purpose of attachment is to groom students and allow them to have a hands-on experience on what would be expected of them at work. They should adhere to the working times and not abscond and perform to their best ability.

3. How can one be granted an attachment place in the Financial Services Departments?

Interested students can send their application letters and attach curriculum vitae, letter from college to the department.

4. What is the role of Corporate Services Section in the Financial Services Department?

The role of Corporate Services Section is dealing with staff matters for the department in the following manner:

  • Recruitment and/or appointments.
  • Performance appraisals.
  • Promotions within the department.
  • Processing department's grievance issues.
  • Initiating and processing disciplinary issues.
  • Engagement of students on attachment.
  • Handling and processing of all incoming and outgoing correspondence for the department.

5. Why does it takes too long for switchboard operators to answer a call.

There are a number of reasons for this delay:

(a) Council has many lines and at times the call will be hunting.

(b) In the case after a power failure, calls will be ringing at the PABX without coming through the switchboard. Someone from outside might think his call is not being answered.

The problem caused by reason (b) above has recently been harnessed as Council purchased batteries to ensure a constant power supply between power cuts.

However, many offices have direct lines which do not pass through the switchboard. The users of these lines normally inform the people that they deal with to utilize them instead of the lines that go through the switchboard. Unfortunately, quite a number of these have yet to have handsets fixed to them to make them fully operational.

6. I need a rebate to my account for water leak.

If the leak was visible then there is no rebate applicable. If, however, the leak was invisible and after the meter, then he is given a rebate form to fill in and if rebate is approved he will be awarded a 50% reduction of the lost water.

7. I have finished building my house and I would the connection of water done.

He should produce the inspector's letter, and is then handed an application form. He is then advised to go to Engineering Section for a quotation of the costs involved.

Only the owner should submit the form because he has to fill in the contract form, or can be handed in by a person having a power of attorney on behalf of the owner.

8. I want to terminate the supply of Council water, what should I do?

Consumer is required to fill in a termination form and is advised of the amount that he is owing at the date of submission. The consumer is then advised that he shall be sent a final account.

9. I used to have a credit balance to my account but now I suddenly have a huge debit balance.

There is no ready made answer to this kind of question. However, the reasons for the queried movement would be ascertained and communicated to the consumer on request.

10. I am moving into new premises, what are the requirements for me to have Council water supply?

You need to have a copy of valid lease agreement between you and your landlord. The name of the lessor (land lord) should be the one we have in the system. The name of the lessee (tenant) should be the one on the application form. The address and the stand number of the leased property should be correct. The lessee should provide a copy of his/her ID Certificate. A service charge and deposit inclusive of VAT of $30,60 should be paid. Any previous water accounts with Council should paid up before giving applicant a new account. If everything is correct the applicant pays the above sum first and then signs a contract form. (Note: The forms should be filled in at least 48 hours before moving in (or out) of the premises.

11. How long does it take to credit an account with funds paid directly into Council's bank account?

Two to Three days after submission of RTGS together with the customer's account number.

It is important that ratepayers provide their account numbers when bringing their RTGS forms. If this information is not provided, it is not possible to know what the payment was for.

12. How frequently do suppliers get paid?

The council pays the supplier 30 days from the date of delivery.

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