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City Commissions Aisleby 3

The Mayor of the City of Bulawayo, Councillor Martin K Moyo, on Friday 12 August 2016 said the City of Bulawayo realises the importance of a clean and sustainable environment.

Speaking at the commissioning ceremony of Aisleby 3 Sewage Treatment Works and 33 Palisade Fencing Sites, the Mayor said the commissioning of Aisleby 3 works was a culmination of efforts from Central Government, Bulawayo City Council and the Environmental Management Agency (EMA) in a bid to tackle environmental issues that have been problematic.

“The government granted borrowing powers to Bulawayo City Council to attend to issues of sewer discharges to the environment and inadequate treatment of effluent that manages to reach treatment works,” said the Mayor.

He said the emphasis was on alleviating the pollution burden on residents along the Umguza River. He added that the City had seen it fit to not only rehabilitate Aisleby Sewage Works but also conduct works at the outfall servers at Marvel/Mahatshula and Sauerstown Deep Section.

“The project was executed at a cost of three hundred and fifty thousand US dollars. A further US$3, 8 million will be spent on the outfall sewers that we visited prior to coming to this site and rehabilitating another US$4, 1 million will be spent on Aisleby 1 and 2,” said Councillor Moyo.

Engineer Mente R Ndlovu, the Acting Deputy Director of Engineering Services said the city through its contractors had done civil refurbishment of the inlet works upgraded the flow of measurement system and also put new sluice gates and a modern mechanical screen. The works had also included the installation of a new pump and motor and in the secondary settlement tank new baffle plates V notch weirs and clarifier drives were installed.

Engineer Ndlovu further noted that Council was hoping to commission the deep section in Sauerstown by the end of November as well as commission Aisleby 1 and 2 following the finalisation of the contracts.

The City of Bulawayo also commissioned palisade fences at 33 Water and Wastewater installations like pump station and reservoirs to safeguard the station.

Speaking at the same function the Acting Town Clerk Mrs S Zhou said the installation of Palisade Fencing at these sites would assist Council in reducing costs and adhering to the 30:70 ration required by the Government.

Bulawayo City Council is expected to make a saving of US$ million through the reduction of costs for security personnel safeguarding Council infrastructure.

Date: Friday, 12 August 2016

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