Commissioning of Stands in Mahatshula

The City Bulawayo on Friday, 5 August 2016 commissioned 217 housing stands in Mahatshula North, Barham Green, Southwold, Northend and Roselyn.

Speaking at the commissioning ceremony, the Acting Mayor Councillor Silas Chigora said that the City of Bulawayo remained focused on housing provision adding that it was closely tied to the City’s vision of ensuring excellence in local governance.

He however noted that despite the wishes of the City to ensure low cost housing for all residents, capital funding challenges remained a hindrance.

“The Challenge is access to capital funding which is required for servicing. Cost for servicing has become a major hindrance for the city in providing low housing for the residents of Bulawayo,” he said.

He added that as a result the City had partnered with the residents in a bid to provide housing through the Pre sell scheme. The programme had yielded positive results and benefitted both Council and the residents.

“Through the Pre sell programme, we have partnered with the residents in serving the areas to provide the much needed housing,” said Councillor Chigora.

He added that the City of Bulawayo was currently servicing 875 stands at Luveve and were awaiting the advertisement of servicing for stands sold in Emganwini (365), Tshabalala (47), Magwegwe North (490), and Magwegwe West (390).

The servicing of Mahatshula stands were a contract sum of one million, five hundred and fifty one thousands (US 1, 551, 426, 32) ensuring that area was serviced with water, sewer and road.

The stands were serviced by Asphalt Products who handed over to Council, the Site Office, a Nissan NP200 Project vehicle, Laptop and playground equipment for the Mahatshula Community.

Date: Friday, 05 August 2016

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