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Commissioning of Pumula Residential Stands

The Mayor of the City of Bulawayo, Councillor Martin K Moyo on Tuesday, 10th November commissioned 704 housing stands at the Pumula South Suburb which were sold under the pre sell housing scheme.

Speaking at the commissioning, Councillor Moyo said that the City of Bulawayo was proud of the partnership between the Municipality and the residents in the provision of housing.

“I am glad to say that Council’s decision to implement the pre sell scheme has yielded positive results. This has ensured that we partner with the residents in servicing the areas to provide the much needed housing,” said Councillor Moyo.

He further noted that Council was appreciative of residents who had equipped the municipality with the necessary finance to service the area. He also added that Council required the funding in a bid to provide adequate accommodation for the residents of Bulawayo.

Councillor Moyo also highlighted that provision of adequate housing continued to be a challenge for Council with the housing waiting list at 110 000. He added that the harsh economic climate made it difficult for the Municipality to meet its housing mandate.

“Costs for servicing have become a major hindrance for the city in providing low cost housing for the residents. While there have been various solutions towards ensuring housing provision, I am glad to say that Council’s decision to implement the pre sell scheme has yielded positive results,” said Councillor Moyo.

Speaking at the same event, the Director of Housing and Community Services Mr Isaiah Magagula highlighted that the City was proud to have provided housing for at least 704 beneficiaries.

“We are happy that this year we have been able to provide 3300 housing units jointly with our partners,” he said. He highlighted that if the trend continues, the City will be able to fulfil its mandate and achieve its ZIMASSET target.

The Director of Engineering Services, Engineer Simela Dube highlighted that the servicing had cost Council US$1,350, 910.12 and the Council was delivering stands fully serviced with sewer reticulation, water reticulation and surfaced roads.

“We are happy to say that the project has progressed up to this point when we are satisfied the beneficiaries can safely use the facilities,” said Engineer Dube.

He added that the project deliverables consisted of 4122 metres of sewer, 5660.81 metres of water and 3948 metres of 10 metre roads, 164 metres of 20 metre roads, 630 metres of 25 metre roads and 1146 metres of 15 metre roads. He further highlighted that this added at least 6 kilometres of surfaced roads to the City’s current total of 1492k of surfaced roads for the whole city.

The City of Bulawayo recently advertised stands in Magwegwe North, Emganwini, Southworld and Tshabalala.

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