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Commissioning Cowdray Park Waste Stabilisation Ponds

The City of Bulawayo Mayor, Councillor Martin K Moyo has highlighted that Council strives towards ensuring the rehabilitation of domestic and industrial effluent in a bid toeliminate environmental pollution.

Speaking at the commissioning of the Cowdray Park waste stabilisation ponds on Tuesday, 15th March 2016, Councillor Moyo said that it was the City’s hope that the waste water treated from the City’s sewer treatment works would be free from effluent and also protect the environment.

“The aim has been to ensure that we minimise sewer overflows and reduce pollution of the rivers and surrounding communities,” said Cllr Moyo.

Speaking at the same function, the Director of Engineering Services said that the City was happy to have finalised the rehabilitation and desludging of the ponds which began in April 2015.

“The Cowdray Park Waste Stabilisation ponds were designed for 8950 households, and we note that we need to start working on increasing their capacity to cater for Cowdray Park HlalaniKuhle,” said Engineer Dube.

He added that the City of Bulawayo continued to face challenges in waste water management adding that even in Service Level Benchmarking sewer management continued to score the lowest points.

“We have several challenges in sewer management. While we have managed to move the sewers from the doorstep, Council faces problems in the conveyancing of sewer to the sewer treatment works and this is where we need to improve,” said Engineer Dube.

He further highlighted that there were several efforts which were being made by Council under the African Development Bank funding which would lead to an improvement in the sewer treatment and conveyancing process.

The City of Bulawayo will also be looking into building additional ponds to cater for further development in Cowdray Park to ensure that the Waste stabilisation ponds are not overloaded.

Engineer Allen Sibanda, of Global Water Technology who were responsible for the rehabilitation and desludging expressed gratitude for having been granted the opportunity to rehabilitate the Cowdray Park ponds. He further encouraged the surrounding community to assist Council in maintaining the ponds and also protect the infrastructure and fencing which was also erected around the ponds.

The Cowdray Park Waste Stabilisation were officially commissioned in 1966 as temporal Ponds feeding into the Aisleby Sewer Treatment Works. They have a design capacity of 10 Megalitres per day servicing 8950 households. The rehabilitation and desludging project works included refurbishment of the inlet works, desludging of ponds 1 and 2, removal of weeds, rehabilitation of the jetting system, reconstruction of maturation pond 7, installation of the perimeter fencing, external security lighting and installation of a flow meter at a cost of four hundred and twenty three thousand (US $423,001.80). The rehabilitated water is also used for irrigation at the Luveve Gum plantation.

Date: Thursday, 17 March 2016

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