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Key To The City

“Key To The City” is an ongoing Yellow World project whose main aim is to strengthen safety and youth participation in marginalized areas of Bulawayo and Harare. The project seeks to bring grassroots artists of all genres together into forming an artist’s movement that will tackle and lobby for issues affecting artists and youth in their communities and advocate for the creation of safe spaces.

Speaking to Masiye Phambili, Nokuthaba, the Programs Director said Yellow World was on a community development mission through art and was driven by the vision to create an inclusive and progressive global community.

“Yellow World aims at fostering leadership in young people and initiates community development. It recognizes everyone as a leader regardless of what sector of life one is from. The organisation believes that art is a critical tool in reshaping communities and this is preached loudly by one of its projects called “Key To The City,” said Nokuthaba.

She added that The “Key To The City” project best referred to as K2C started in July 2020. In partnership with Dreamtown in Denmark, it is being implemented in Bulawayo [Nketa] and Harare [Hart cliff, Mbare, Hopley] by House of Arts Association.

She also highlighted that Yellow World under the “Key To The City” project had identified key stakeholders that include arts and cultural institutions, media houses, youth led organizations and Bulawayo City Council to help push the objective of the project.

“Yellow World in partnership with Youth Alliance for Safer Cities mobilized stakeholders to come together for a strategic lab meeting on the 7th of October 2020 to deliberate and position themselves in the project for the betterment of Bulawayo,” said Nokuthaba.

She added that the youth and artists from Nketa and other suburbs had shown keen interest in the project as evidenced by the huge turnout and performance at the Yellow World Creative Club event on the 4th of December last year.

“Yellow World Creative Club was birthed on the same day after 15 artists and youths were scouted to form a foundation of the project and also pioneer the “Key To The City” project,” said Nokuthaba.

The “Key To The City” project is currently hosting a competition of “Key To The City” branding where artists and graphic designers are called to create a logo for the project. The prize for the winner will be a contract to work with Dreamtown, a nonprofit making organization based in Denmark.

One of the upcoming activities under this project is a production of a movie that will be casted and directed by grassroots actors and showcased in the community.

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