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Multiple Use of Land

The City of Bulawayo has resolved for a model that will see to the multiple use of land through solar farms built over the City’s cemeteries.

This follows global efforts to come up with land management strategies whose aim is to harmonise the complimentary goals of providing environmental, economic, and social opportunities for the benefit of present and future generations, while maintaining and enhancing the quality of the land resource.

Sustainable land management is the use of land to meet changing human needs (agriculture, forestry, and conservation), while ensuring long-term socioeconomic and ecological functions of the land.

The Acting Director for Town Planning, Mr Wisdom Siziba said “Bulawayo City Council, through its Town Planning Department proposed a policy that will see the multiple use of land through solar farms built over the City’s cemeteries as driven by the concept of sustainable land management which is a key pillar in Agenda 21's goal of sustainable development.”

Presenting during the Stakeholders’ Meeting on the Review and Preparation of the Bulawayo Master Plan (2019-2034), Mr Siziba noted that Council had resolved that the proposal to locate solar farms on cemeteries be approved in principle. He further mentioned that the Bulawayo community was to be engaged on the proposal, followed by the project being advertised for Expression of Interest.

The Acting Director said the concept on multiple use of land ensured that land was used for more than one purpose in a harmonious and coordinated manner. This model takes into consideration the high demand and inelasticity of supply of land globally.

“Please note that that this does not constitute reuse of the land but it is the utilization of the space above the graves without disturbing the peace of our fallen relatives” added Mr Siziba.

He further highlighted that the solar panels would be located at a reasonable height above ground level which will allow free movement of people underneath without interfering with the panels.

“The general public would have unlimited access to the cemetery site. The investors would maintain the grave sites and the solar panels will provide shelter for the deceased. This will make Bulawayo’s grave sites an attractive place to visit lost loved ones and presents an excellent opportunity to make a statement on how we choose to let go of life as well as how we choose to live,” he said.

Besides the benefit of an aesthetically pleasing grave site in Bulawayo community, this will generate considerable clean energy for the residents.


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