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Bulk Delivery Sites for Fresh Farm Produce

The City of Bulawayo would like to advise members of the public that, following the announcement of a 21 day lockdown period to combat the spread of COVID-19 by His Excellency, the President E. D. Mnangagwa on 27th March 2020,the City has reconfigured fresh farm produce wholesale markets and vending bays. The move has seen the decongestion of the City Centre by spreading the fresh farm produce wholesalers closer to their clients in the suburban locations as well as minimizing the unnecessary movement of vendors into town to access markets.


  1. Council has identified the initial six (6) bulk delivery sites which are ready to receive deliveries. These are Emganwini Mupedzanhamo, Tshabalala Market, Pumula Old Market, Magwegwe North Market, Cowdray Park Terminus Market and New Magwegwe Market. However, there are other bulk delivery sites which have been identified but still require appropriate sanitary infrastructure or engagements with private owners before these markets become operational. These sites are Nkulumane Sekusile, Nkulumane Complex, Lobengula Konron Market, Burombo Beer Garden, Nkunzi Beer Garden, Luveve Terminus Site, Entumbane Complex, Entumbane Flea Market, Njube Market, Mabutweni Market, Makokoba Market and Makokoba Efusini.

  3. The city has a total of 144 vending sites with a capacity of 15 353 vending bays located in 29 wards of the City of Bulawayo. 8 465 or 55% of the available bays have been allocated while 6 888 or 45% remain unallocated. However, six (6) vending sites located in Ward 1, CBD, along 5th Avenue with a total of 1 062 bays have been abolished and relocated to other unallocated bays in other sites among the 29 wards. Furthermore, an additional 450 bays located at 8th Avenue, Tower Block Khothama Weekend and Holiday vending, have been abolished and relocated to suburban sites. It must be noted that the city is currently redesigning the rest of the vending bays to comply with COVID-19 health requirements including social distancing.

Summary of Existing Vending Bays (Before Redesigning)

1 (CBD) 22 4 306 3 489 (81%) 817 (19%)
2 – 6 (Low Density) 21 1 623 561 (35%) 1 062 (65%)
7 – 29 (High Density) 101 9 424 4 415 (47%) 5 009 (53%)
Total 144 15 353 8 465 (55%) 6 888 (45%)

NB. After redesigning, the bay sizes will be increased to as much as 50% while the bay numbers maybe reduced as well by the same margin.

3. Allocation of Vending Bays

The allocation of Vending Bays is done at Dugmore Vending Offices located in Basch Street by the Council through the Vending Bays Allocation Committee composed of interdepartmental representatives in consultation with site management or vending committees.

3.1. Application Procedure

  1. Registration and renewals for Vending Licences will be done electronically from Monday, 4th May 2020. The forms are available on the City of Bulawayo Website http://www.citybyo.co.zw/Downloads/Forms detailing all the requirements. Forms can also be collected from local Housing Offices, completed and deposited there each working day from 08:00 hrs – 15:00hrs.
  2. Provide copy of ID and proof of residence.
  3. Attend interviews for allocation.
  4. Provide x 1 passport size photo.
  5. Provide x 3 sets of fingerprints (Police clearance).
  6. Provide a medical certificate if applying to trade in foodstuffs.

3.2. Allocation Criteria

Preference in bays allocation shall be given to the following;

  1. Licensed vendors trading in that particular vending site.
  2. Licensed vendors displaced from abolished sites.
  3. Vulnerable/Disadvantaged members of the community such as;
  • a) Child headed families
  • b) Female headed families
  • c) Widows/widowers
  • >d) Orphans
  • e) People living with disabilities
  • f) Unemployed
  • g) The elderly
  • h) The terminally ill.

3.3. Allocation Timelines of Vending Bays In View of the Redesigning of Bays and Displacements of Vendors.

As soon as the design of each vending site is complete, the leadership of each site shall be informed so that engagements for allocations are initiated.

It must be noted that all vendors will be reallocated bays since all would be affected by either redesigning or relocation. The engagements will commence from the 4th May 2020 on sites where designs are complete.

ADVERT NO : 8682
DATE : Sunday, 3 May 2020


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