Elimination OF UnAuthorised Activity

The City of Bulawayo would like to advise all stakeholders that it will be conducting an exercise to rid the City of all unauthorized activities with effect from Wednesday, 11th January 2023.

All persons conducting unauthorized informal trading on undesignated sites in the City of Bulawayo (on the streets, pavements, roadways), washing of cars, repairing of vehicles, illegal pickup points by private vehicles, commuter omnibuses and buses, delivery of farm produce and other products onto the streets, push carts, heavy commercial vehicles into the Central Business District, illegal throwing and dumping of garbage or litter etc. are given up to Tuesday, 10 January 2023 to cease their illegal activities.

With effect from Wednesday, 11th January 2023, the City of Bulawayo will be conducting an exercise to eliminate ALL illegal activities so as to restore order and cleanliness.

The City has designated informal trading sites in the Central Business District and Suburban areas. All those who are interested in trading in the authorised sites are advised to visit the City of Bulawayo Vending Offices at the former Dugmore Clinic Offices along Basch Street for registration and licensing.

The City encourages trading at designated sites in terms of the Municipal by Laws. This fosters peace, cleanliness and control of all informal trading activities through the associations which have Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) with the City.

Offenders will be prosecuted.

ADVERT NO. 12127
DATE: 8 January 2023
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