Bulawayo City Council



The City of Bulawayo in consultation with the Office of the Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution would like to advise members of the public, stakeholders and members of the informal sector of the deadline for the movement from undesignated trading sites. The City of Bulawayo has a mandate to restore order as guided by the Urban Councils(Model)(Hawkers and Street Vendors) By - Laws.

All illegal informal traders are warned and advised to move to designated sites no later than Friday, 9 February 2024. Registered informal traders who have abandoned their bays and/or are not paying the required Council fees are advised to return to their bays and regularise their operations.

All informal traders in the City of Bulawayo are required to have a Valid Vendors Licence and below are the registration details and requirements;

Registration Site:Dugmore Vending Offices (former Dugmore Clinic) along Basch Street and 6th Avenue.

Application fees:

i. Central Business District Licence Fees $23 per year
Monthly rentals $11.50 per month
ii. Outside the Central Business District licence $11.50 per year
Monthly rentals $5.75 per month

Application requirements:

  1. Copy of Identity Document (ID);
  2. Processed finger print forms (vetted by CID);
  3. Proof of residence for a property in Bulawayo (in the form of a water or electricity, bill etc.);
  4. Two passport size photos and;
  5. Requisite fees for the license.
  6. For those trading in Fruits and vegetables - Pre examination for contagious diseases and lessons on food handling with the City of Bulawayo Health Services Department (Khami Road Clinic).

All persons conducting unauthorized informal trading on undesignated sites in the City of Bulawayo (on the streets, pavements, roadways), washing of cars, repairing of vehicles, illegal pickup points by private vehicles, commuter omnibuses and buses, delivery of farm produce and other products onto the streets, push carts, heavy commercial vehicles into the Central Business District, illegal throwing and dumping of garbage or litter etc. are given up to Friday, 9 February 2024 to cease their illegal activities.

The City of Bulawayo will be conducting an exercise to eliminate ALL illegal activities so as to restore order and cleanliness.

All informal traders are required to keep the City Clean by ensuring that their trading places are cleaned after trading hours and are further advised that the full force of the law will be implemented against those who continue to breach the relevant bylaws, both immediately after the deadline and going forward.

Sunday, 28 January 2024


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