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144 Hours Water Shedding


The system, will therefore, with immediate effect be closed to allow for the recovery of critical reservoirs.

The City of Bulawayo would like to advise members of the public that the City is currently experiencing challenges with the supply and availability of raw water due to low storage in its supply dams and the decommissioning of Lower Ncema with effect from Friday, 15th May 2020.

Drawing of raw water from the remaining dams of Insiza, Mtshabezi and Inyankuni has resulted in reduced abstraction and to that effect, Council will introduce a 144 – hour weekly shedding programme shown below with effect from Monday, 18 May 2020.

The water shedding programme is subject to change if other raw water initiatives are successful or the situation further deteriorates.

All the areas that are on high ground and are likely to be affected for more than the 144hrs and in such instances will have water supplied by bowsers.

Residents are urged to continue conserving water.

Closing Opening
Areas Reservoir Day Time Day Time
Nkulumane, Nketa, Sizinda, Tshabalala, Bellevue, Newton West, West Somerton CRITERION MONDAY FRIDAY 1700hrs THURSDAY SUNDAY 1700hrs
Emganwini, Pumula, Nketa 9 CRITERION WEDNESDAY SUNDAY 1700hrs SATURDAY TUESDAY 1700hrs
Cowdray Park,Emakhandeni,Gwabalanda,Maplanka MAGWEGWE MONDAY FRIDAY 0700hrs THURSDAY SUNDAY 1700hrs
Luveve, Magwegwe, Njube, Entumbane, Mpopoma, Lobengula, Mabuthweni, Iminyela, Pelandaba, Matshobane MAGWEGWE WEDNESDAY SUNDAY 0700hrs SATURDAY TUESDAY 1700hrs
Lochview, Sunninghill, Marlands, Glencoe, Riverside, Willsgroove,Waterford, Manningdale,Buenavista, DouglasDale THULI MONDAY THURSDAY 0700hrs WEDNESDAY SUNDAY 1700hrs
Esigodini, Imbizo Barracks, Fortunesgate, Selbourne park, Matsheumhlophe, Parklands, Khumalo, Surbubs, Mahatshula, Woodville, Kingsdale, Queenspark THULI TUESDAY SATURDAY 0700hrs FRIDAY MONDAY 1700hrs
Harrisvale, Jungle, Trenance, Richmond, Sauerstown, Neqi RIFFLE RANGE WEDNESDAY SUNDAY 0700hrs SATURDAY TUESDAY 1700hrs
Babourfields, Mzilikazi, Nguboyenja, Makokoba RIFFLE RANGE MONDAY FRIDAY 0700hrs THURSDAY SUNDAY 1700hrs
Hillside South, South Riding, Fourwinds, Hillside, Northernd, Tegela, Romney Park, Paddonhurst 6J MONDAY FRIDAY 0700hrs THURSDAY SUNDAY 1700hrs
Sunnyside, Morningside, Rowena, Montrose, Southwold, Greernhill, Barham green, Kenilworth, Ilanda, Burnside HIILSIDE MONDAY FRIDAY 0700hrs THURSDAY SUNDAY 1700hrs
Mbalabala Barracks, Mzinyathini Irrigation Scheme RAW WATER MONDAY FRIDAY 0700hrs THURSDAY SUNDAY 1700hrs
Industry, Mines & CBD Council considering introducing a 48-hour shedding programme which will be introduced within 7 days. CBD, still remains exempted.

The water shedding programme is subject to change as the situation arises either if the raw water availability improves or further deteriorates.

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Date: Saturday, 16 May 2020

Sunday, 17 May 2020

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