Bulawayo City Council


Luveve Road Improvemnt Works

The motoring public is hereby notified of the proposed Luveve Road Improvement Works, between Waverly Street and Intemba Drive. The Works will comprise of pothole patching, localized pavement reconstruction, overlays, reinstating of carriageway markings, drainage and other general maintenance works. The works will commence on Monday, 9th January 2023 for ninety days. Once completed these works will prolong the life of the carriageway, improve road safety and ride quality.

To ensure the safety of both the motoring public and workforce whilst carrying out the Works, the following traffic management system will be in place:

  • Full carriageway closure of sections with traffic being diverted accordingly; and
  • Lane closures where necessary.

Every effort has been made to ensure disruption to traffic, businesses and residents is kept to a minimum. However, the road closure will inevitably cause some disruption, and for this, the City of Bulawayo wishes to apologise in advance.

The motoring and the general public are advised to exercise extreme caution when entering and leaving the Works locations, observe all warning signs and to follow the diversion route signs.

Any inconvenience caused is sincerely regretted.

ADVERT NO. 12128
Date: Saturday, 7 January
: Sunday, 8 January 2023
: Monday, 9 January 2023
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