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The original scope of works for Luveve Road in the vicinity of Renkini Country bus terminus has been adversely affected by the unforeseen ground conditions, which include a significant number of dilapidated leaking reclaimed water pipes, sewer pipes, and collapsible/expansive clay.

The leaks appear to have been ongoing for years unnoticed and have soaked a significant area of the road formation/sub-formation. Currently, there are seven reclaimed water mains within a 200m distance that have been exposed and confirmed. Five additional locations are being investigated to determine the source of water accumulating within the excavations.

The presence of the reclaimed water mains and sewer mains has cost and programme implications. At the moment, the discovery of underground services is ongoing and as a result the team is unable to quantify and put an exact figure for the additional cost of the works and the extension of time.

The City’s Construction team will continue working on the Renkini section and advise on the expected completion date once the scope of works is clearly defined in terms of the buried services i.e reclaimed water mains.

In the meantime, the surfacing works for the Matshobane section from Mpopoma Avenue to Nketa drive will commence in the coming week(s). The Works are expected to last approximately three (3) weeks.

Every effort is being done to speed up the completion of the works, and to ensure disruption to traffic, businesses and residents is kept to a minimum. However, the continued road works will inevitably cause some disruption, and for this, the City of Bulawayo wishes to apologise once again.

The motoring and the general public are advised to exercise extreme caution when entering and leaving the construction works areas, and observe all warning signs.

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Date:Wednesday, 7 June 2023


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