The City of Bulawayo would like to advise the residents of Morningside Suburb that we will be rehabilitating the Morningside Outfall Sewer. The objective of these works will be to stop overland sewage spillages along a storm drain from Lanercost Road to Windermere Road in Morningside Suburb and the works will include replacement of 150mm diameter clay pipes with 160mm diameter PVC pipes for a distance of 900m and reinstatement of properties and services affected by the works.

The Project is expected to run from the 29th December 2022 to the 30thJune 2023 and will be conducted by Saltaway Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd.

The City of Bulawayo kindly requests the cooperation of members of the public throughout the programme.

Queries related to this exercise can be addressed to the Town Clerk (Corporate Communications Unit) on Tel No. (02 922) 75011 Extension 2304/1115 or (0292) 883527 or email publicrelations@citybyo.co.zw.

ADVERT NO. 12128
DATE: 5 January 2023
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