Bulawayo City Council


Egodini Relocation of Operators

The City of Bulawayo would like to advise stakeholders, commuter omnibus operators, informal traders and residents that the Egodini Mall construction is starting on the 1st March 2018.

All stakeholders and residents are advised that commuter omnibuses, informal traders and organisations operating from the Basch Street Terminus will be relocated in preparation for the construction of Egodini Mall.

All stakeholders are requested to start making the necessary preparations to move from the Site and will be guided by City of Bulawayo members of staff during the process to prepared sites. Movement will be to the following sites:

  1. Lobengula Street between 11th & 13th Avenue – For commuter omnibuses (areas from Bellevue to Pumula), informal traders and food caravans.
  2. Lobengula Street & 3rd Avenue - For commuter omnibuses (all routes using Luveve Road), informal traders and food caravans.
  3. City Hall – addition of the Richmond Route only.
  4. Lobengula Street & 6th Avenue - for a selected public transport company and informal traders.
  5. Lobengula Street & 2nd Avenue – routes to the northern areas of the City, food caravans and informal traders.

Continuous engagement has been ongoing with the various stakeholders and there will be further engagement till the completion of the project.

For any comments or queries, please contact our Call Centre on (09) 71290 for all networks and (08084700) for Econet numbers only or on WhatsApp 0774668432 or email callcentre@citybyo.co.zw / publicrelations@citybyo.co.zw.



  • Call Centre Contacts:
  • (09) 71290 - All Networks
  • callcentre@citybyo.co.zw
  • Fire and Ambulance:
  • 993, 994 , (09) 71717
  • 08080081 - Econ toll free