The Ministry of Health and Child Care (MoHCC), as part of the COVID-19 Vaccination roll out effort, created a secure COVID-19 Vaccination Card which provided for electronic authentication of the vaccination record.

The latest COVID-19 Vaccination cards are issued with pre-printed QR Codes that require activation. In the City of Bulawayo, the QR codes are activated at the following sites:

  • Bulawayo Provincial Medical Director’s Offices, Mhlahlandlela Building
  • City of Bulawayo Health Services Department, Office 215, 2nd Floor, Tower Block.
  • Mpilo Central Hospital.
  • United Bulawayo Hospitals
  • Ingutsheni Central Hospital
  • Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Ekusileni Hospital.
  • Mater Dei Hospital

All Municipal Clinics

  • Northern Suburbs Clinic.
  • Entumbane Clinic.
  • E.F Watson Clinic
  • Princess Margaret Rose Clinic.
  • Mzilikazi Clinic.
  • Emakhandeni Clinic
  • Magwegwe Clinic.
  • Cowdray Park Clinic
  • Pumula Clinic
  • Pumula South Clinic
  • Njube Clinic
  • Luveve Clinic
  • Nkulumane Clinic
  • Maqhawe Clinic.
  • Nketa Clinic.
  • Tshabalala Clinic
  • Dr Shennan Clinic
  • Pelandaba Clinic.
  • Khami Road Clinic.

Get Vaccinated, Wash hands regularly, Physical Distance, Please Mask Up and Avoid crowded places.

Date: Thursday, 5 May 2022


  • Call Centre Contacts:
  • (09) 71290 - All Networks
  • Fire and Ambulance:
  • 993, 994 , (09) 71717
  • 08080081 - Econ toll free