Bulawayo City Council

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Land Survey Section


(i) To undertake Title Surveys in terms of the Land Survey Act (Chapter 20:12)

(ii) To undertake Non Title Surveys i.e. Engineering and topographical surveys

(iii) Offer technical advice to the Council on the implementation of the various sections of the Land Survey Act. This includes the Instruction of Surveys to Land Surveyors in private practice, the drafting of Notices for publication in the Gazette and The Chronicle or Daily News in connection with cancellation of General Plans.

(iv) Offer technical advice to the Council on matters related to Aerial Surveys and Mapping projects, and responsible for the liaison between the Council and the Mapping firms in the Commercial Sector.

(v) Responsible for liaison between the Council and Land Surveyors in private practice or the Surveyor-General on matters related to the survey problems which may arise on Council projects.

(vi) Responsible for investigating and resolving, where possible, disputes over property boundaries particularly in the Western Suburbs.

(vii) Assist the Development Control Section in the preparation of, and determination of

(viii) To offer advice to the general public on any matters relating to land survey and property boundaries.

(ix) Responsible for ensuring that the plans filed in the Land Survey Section are maintained and updated regularly. Also drawing of new plans as new areas are developed.

(x) Responsible for the training in terms of the Land Survey Act (Chap 20:12) of any land Survey Bursary Holders.

(xi) Assist town planners and technicians on planning issues relating to property boundaries.

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