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Risk Analysis - PART VII

7.1(a) There are a number of risks that will be encountered and these are tabulated below:-

1 Policy makers fail to understand proposal Medium Delay adoption of policy Policy makers were involved in the consultation process. Requires patience as they are taken through the process.
2 Existing operation may be opposed to the one company concept Medium Delay policy adoption Operators have been brought on board during consultation process.
3 Political interference Medium Create political noise from policy Seek buy-in from councillors and all stakeholders. Exercise care in bringing politicians on board.
4 Overcoming the mind set of sole trader mentality High Resistance to transformation to a single company. All players must be involved in the implementation of the policy provisions at all stages. Adopt a step by step approach until all the important players buy-in.
5 Resistance due to fear of the unknown failure to manage change Medium Fear of the unknown could stifle progress in implementation Open channels of communication to reach all stake holders .Provide information and answers confidently and timeous .Be flexible and be ready to accept change in any but not all directions.

(b) The question of perception:

The government of Zimbabwe has been singing the indigenisation song for long but has not stressed that business people must move away from the informal and semi informal trading towards forming formidable and powerful companies.

This is the thrust of this new approach to the transport business in Bulawayo where a single company must be seen as the consolidation of the indigenisation process.

The individual transportation operators must come together and grow into a bigger more powerful company.


The success or failure of a project is dependent on how it is introduced to its recipients and how it is implemented. The public transport workshop held in November was a precursor to the new dawn o f organised public transport system.

This workshop had among other things the following important outcome, all stakeholders are interested in a public transport system that is:-

The major aspect of the new policy is to have a single properly registered and constituted company running the public transport system in Bulawayo. Alternatively there can be two or three companies servicing a specific portion of the city.

For instance if there are three companies this means that the city will be divided into three portions. Critically the following steps need to be followed in implementing this policy-

(d)The following steps would be followed in the adoption and implementation of the proposed transport policy:

Take item through committees of council 2 months to May 2012
Seek buy-in from policy makers and other relevant stakeholders through a half day workshop. 1 month to June 2012
Organise operators into a single company. 2 months to August 2012
Adjudicate and award to a company 2 months to October 2012
Draw up a service level agreement and hold signing ceremony 2 months to December 2012
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