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Mahlathini School


"Funda Uzenzele"

Mahlathini, name derived from a thicket.

Date Established


Enrolment and Staffing

The school started the enrolment of 538 pupils and had a staff of 10 teachers.

Location of the School

The school is located to the North West of the CBD in Cowdray Park Suburb. It is 14km from the city centre.

Curriculum Offered

The school offers basic primary education from ECD to Grade 7.It is in the Cowdray Park cluster under the Reigate District. This will be for exams and sporting activities.


World Vision donated materials to build two water tank stands and garden tools to be used by the AIDS Club.

Composition of Support Staff and Their Roles

The staff is composed of the educational and support staff. The support staff helps in the maintenance and caring of the school property and other materials.

Role of the Council

The council is the Responsible Authority, and it is the custodian of everything in the school. Council collects fees and make purchases of material e.g. textbooks, stationery and cleaning materials. The PTA does the same thing required by the school through levies.


The hot seating, staff turnover, child population is very rife in this township.


In light of the above, the school wishes to maintain its staff, as well as harmonious working relations. The school also wishes to improve its results at Grade 7 level and maintain its good record in sporting activities. The school's major projections are to establish a computer centre, build concrete benches within the school to minimize hot seating problems and to buy a duplicating/scanner machine.

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