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Malindela School


"What Ever You Do, Do it Well"

"Malindela" It is rumored that the school was named after one Ndebele Chiefs. Literally the name means one who waits or one who is waiting for something/ somebody

Date Established


At inception

954 pupils.


918 pupils.

Note: Current Grade one enrollment is dropping and other grades enrollment are dropping too due to the current educational upheavals.


Situated in ward 17, Pumula North approximately 10km west of Bulawayo Central Business District, and about 200m north of Pumula Police Station.

Curriculum Offered

Academic work for Grades Zero (0) to 7, cultural activities, computer education, Aids education, and sporting in the form of athletics and ball games.


To provide quality education acceptable moral values unity and progress for self-reliance.


Is to find strength in diversity, create opportunity through ingenuity and achieve prosperity through determination.


  • Awards best owed overdue years
  • Academic Honours Certificate Outstanding Grade 7 results for 1997, 1998 and 1999
  • Tree growing and tree care composition 1997
  • Academic Excellence Award Certificate Grade 7- 1998
  • Academic Excellence Certificate - 2000
  • Outstanding Achievements in Athletics - 2000
  • Outstanding Achievements in Baseball -2003
  • Outstanding Achievements in Baseball - 2004
  • Academic Excellence Award Certificate -2006
  • Best Science Exhibition in Design & Technology - 2009

CLUSTERING Academic And Sports

The school is clustered both academic and sporting to Pumula North cluster. The school has done well in sporting, and Science Exhibition. This year one child will be exhibiting his GEZALULA Gadget at the Bulawayo Trade Fair (19th to 26th April) and another pupil participated at National Athletics Competitions held at Kwekwe recently. She did well in the competitions although she did not excel.

The Support Staff

The support staff is composed of five ancillary members in the form of the Bursar, Clerk, Caretaker and two grounds men. These are City Council employees, the responsible authority of the school. Their major role is the assisting in the administration and the running of the school. The bursar and the clerk assist in the financial duties while the caretaker and the grounds men look after the physical appearance of the school. The support staff and the professional staff merge fairly but there is always the problem of allegiance, however this is often attended to when there is need. The City Council has now clearly spelt out or tabulated the duties of the support staff.

Roles in The Administration and Running of The School

Role of the Council

The council is the responsible authority who is the main stakeholders in the administration and running of the school. It provides the school with the support staff in the form of the Bursar, Clerk, Caretaker and grounds men. The Council also provides resources such as textbook, cleaning materials, sports levies and stationery.

Role of P.T.A

P.T.A levy parents to cater for such educational aspects as:

  • NAPH promotes sporting in the form of athletics, ball games and other disciplines such as music, drummies and cultural activities.
  • BSPZ is responsible for quality education especially Science Exhibition, performance awards for Grade 7 results and all primary disciplines.
  • COMPUTERS-to promote computer literacy in both pupils and teachers.
  • CURRICULUM to promote all the aspects of all curriculum offered in the school.

Challenges Faced Over the Years

  • Reluctance in the payment of both fees and levies promptly thus compromising service delivery in the school.
  • Recurring industrial action by the professional staff has adversely affected the school academic performance.
  • Effective co-ordination of all staff, both professional and support staff so as to maximize their performance.
  • Lack of the resources especially in the form of textbooks.

Projections for The Future

  • Improve, above all the school academic performance especially its Grade 7 results which have deteriorated alarmingly.
  • Excel in sporting activities and other co- curricular activities.
  • Plan adequate and appropriate strategies so as to avoid unwarranted industrial action by the staff.
  • Continue promoting the teaching of computers in the school so as to improve the computer literacy on both pupils and the staff.
  • Improve its ECD facilities in the form of fully equipping play centre.
  • Call Centre Contacts:
  • (09) 71290 - All Networks
  • callcentre@citybyo.co.zw
  • Fire and Ambulance:
  • 993, 994 , (09) 71717
  • 08080081 - Econ toll free