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CVs (Individual Consultant)

  • Zimbabwe
Name of Project:
  • Bulawayo Water and Sewerage Services Improvement Project [BWSSIP]
Project ID No.:
  • P-ZW-E00-006
Grant No.:
  • 5900155009402 / African Development Fund (AfDB)
Consulting Services:
  • Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Specialist.
Expression of Interest:
  • BWSSIP/C09

1. Introduction

The Government of Zimbabwe has received financing from the African Development Fund toward the cost of the Bulawayo Water and Sewerage Services Improvement Project, and intends to apply part of the agreed amount for this grant to payments under the contract for a Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist consultancy services.

The Project development's objective is to improve municipal water supply and sewerage services with the aim of contributing to the improvement in health and social wellbeing of the population of the City of Bulawayo. The proposed Project’s emphasis is on rehabilitating and enhancing the water supply system, strengthening institutional aspects, enhancing service delivery efficiency and improvement of the environmental sanitation.

2. Objectives of the Consultancy

The main objectives of the consultancy are to;

  1. Review and document the present M&E system which is currently in place for BWSSIP and to incorporate additions and modifications to the system to ensure that it incorporates best practice in M&E.
  2. Lead the implementation of the monitoring and evaluation function for the BWSSIP project.
  3. Capacitate the BWSSIP M&E function in terms of the requirements, procedures and processes through a robust M&E system.
  4. Create a BWSSIP M&E system that will that will be used as a form of framework for the implementation of M&E systems for future BCC projects.

2.1 Scope of Services

  1. Assist BWSSIP to Develop its Monitoring and Evaluation Framework and Plan.
  2. Develop Recording and Reporting Forms and Formats for BWSSIP.
  3. Capacity Building of BCC Staff on Monitoring and Evaluation.
  4. Prepare Monthly, Trimester and Annual Reports for BWSSIP.
  5. Field Monitoring and Monitoring Report Writing.
  6. Evaluate BWSSIP Progress and Prepare for the Final BWSSIP Evaluation to be carried out by AfDB.

The contract duration will be part time over a 8 months period with possible extension subject to satisfactory performance, need for services and availability of funds. The consultant is expected to work in Bulawayo during the consultancy period.

3. Request for Expressions of Interest

The City of Bulawayo now invites eligible Individuals to indicate their interest in providing these services. Interested consultants must provide information (detailed CV) indicating that they are qualified to perform the services giving a description of similar assignments undertaken.

4. Qualifications of the Consultant

The Individual Consultant is expected to have the following minimum qualifications and experience;

  • Master’s Degree in Social Science, Development Studies, Economics, Management or related field;
  • Postgraduate qualification in Monitoring and Evaluation or Project Management;
  • At least five (5) years of experience in the design of M&E systems, implementation of monitoring and evaluation systems, which utilize results based management;
  • Experience in carrying out at least one (1) M&E assignment for donor funded capital projects within government or quasi-government organizations.
  • Demonstrated experience of working with data based management computer applications and/or M&E software

  • Language requirements

  • Proficiency in written and spoken English. A working knowledge of the local Zimbabwean languages is an added advantage.

  • 5. Selection of an Individual Consultant

    An Individual Consultant will be selected in accordance with the Selection Based on the Individual Consultants Qualifications Method procedures set out in the Applicable set out in the African Development Bank’s “Rules and Procedures for the use of Consultants” 2010, revised July 2012, which is available on the Bank’s website at http://www.afdb.org.

    Additional information pertaining to this REOI may be obtained upon written request to bwssip@citybyo.co.zw

    Submission of Expression of Interest (CVs)

    Sealed envelopes clearly marked “Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist– BWSSIP/C09”, can be submitted as hard copies (in Sealed Envelopes) at the address below on or before 1500 hours Harare local time on 3 April 2019.

    Expressions of interest should be sent to:

    The Office of the Town Clerk

    Municipal Buildings, City Hall, Room 126

    Fife Street / Leopold Takawira Avenue

    P.O BOX 591, Bulawayo


    Telephone: +263 2922 75011 ext. 2331

    Or addressed to the following email address: bwssip@citybyo.co.zw with subject title “Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist (Individual Consultant) – BWSSIP/C09”.

    ADVERT NO :8650



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